I received some very bad news from the vet today relating to the life expectancy of my dear Bear, so I am going to keep this somewhat brief.

1. Revising (or at least proposing to revise) "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is a political masterstroke by Obama. We can build a pretty substantial majority by fusing three groups: people supportive of gay rights, people completely ambivalent on the subject, and anti-gay rights people who have far more pressing things to worry about at the moment. That majority will offer a response ranging from "It's about time!" to "Grr. Whatever." and then forget about it. The demographic opposed to the proposal, however…well, let's just say they're going to make a much bigger deal out of it. I think this has the potential to distract Rick Warren for the better part of a year. Classic misdirection, well played. Whatever mileage the far right thinks they got out of "Oh no, the gays!" in the past, they're going to be sorely disappointed this time around.

2. So the ACORN pimp was arrested (with three idiot co-conspirators) in New Orleans trying to tap Mary Landrieu's office phone. Aside from breaking the R. Kelly Rule – if you're going to commit a felony, don't record it on video – these retards and their Scooby Doo-esque plot make the Watergate burglars look like Ocean's 11. Strangely enough, the gasbags on Fox who spent weeks trying to make his little ACORN pimp video an international crisis haven't said anything about his arrest. Breitbart threw them under the bus too even though Pimp Daddy is on his payroll. One of the "conspirators" is the son of the US Attorney in that district. It'll be interesting to see if these guys are prosecuted, although nothing short of execution would do if the party roles were reversed.

3. Chris Matthews' response to the SotU: "I forgot he was black tonight for an hour."

What the fuck.