So, I'm going to do a couple of things I have never done before.

First, I am going to get opposite married. Yes, the reception features gin and tacos. Here, as some of you have suggested in the past, is a donation button in case you want to contribute to the honeymoon fund. We currently do not have one planned because we have no money. But in time we hope to take one. I hate the idea of asking for money and not giving you something in return, but hey, it's quite optional. No pressure.

Second, I am going to take a short break from posting. For nearly six years I have updated this thing every weekday, plus the occasional weekend and afternoon bonus posts. I do so because I like doing it, of course, but also because I am deeply paranoid that if I stop the audience will disappear. This is a personal shortcoming, this pathological fear of abandonment. So for a long time I have done semi-ridiculous things like blog on job interviews, pre-blog entire weeks worth of material to cover vacations, or stay up until 3:30 in the AM to get a post up for the following day. I know that the internet is full of alternatives and I've always assumed that if this one stops providing you with content you will forget about it and find another. And everyone says the key to blog success is A) to be good and B) update, update, update. Accordingly, I've tried to do both.

This is a long way of saying I will be back on Monday or Tuesday (August 9 or 10). It feels like an eternity to me, but once every six years or once per marriage (whichever elapses first) seems reasonable. So here's the deal: I'll come back if you'll come back. Let us shake on it and agree not to forget one another.

See you on the 9th. For those of you hip enough to be pals with G&T on Spacebook, I'll be sure to leave enough bile on the update feed to prevent withdrawal for the addicts out there.

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