Republicans Hate Al Gore.

They really do. Talk radio personality Sean Hannity does not seem to be able to bring up Al Gore without using discriptive terms such as "shrill" or "insane." In fact, on his website, Sean Hannity asks the question: Is Al Gore losing his mind? The truth of the matter is, Al Gore very well might be insane. He very well might be losing his mind. Does anyone really care? Does anyone actually listen to Al Gore anyway? Democrats barely cared about him in 2000.

Despite the fact that even democrats believed him to be lacking even the vaguest shred of charisma during the last election, republican pundits in 2004 seem to be labeling him as the great democratic spokesman. Other than the 45 college students who are there to see him speak, the only people who hear what he has to say are viewers of Hannity of Limbaugh.

The truth of the matter is not that Gore speaks for the democratic party, but rather that he is a living breathing conservative talking point. Everytime he gives a speech republicans get to say the following.

  • The Democratic party is desperately trying to regain the power that they previously had despite the fact that it is not what the american people want. -common Limbaugh sentiment
  • Is the tone of Al Gore really befitting an ex-vice president -common Hannity statement
  • Is it appropriate for prominent democrats to align themselves with, an organization that compared Bush to Hitler? -also Hannity
  • And most intriguing of all… Everytime Gore speaks he gives conservatives another excuse to blame everything on Bill Clinton. "We'd stop talking about Clinton if they would just shut up." -Mark Levin on Hannity and Combs.

So to put it bluntly, everytime Al Gore opens his mouth, even if it is to address 27 people on some college quad somewhere, it gives conservatives justification to say things like. "Look at the lengths the democrats are willing to go to in order to win," and "Why didn't Bill Clinton kill Bin Laden when he had the chance?"

The truth of the matter is, this is just another example of how 2004 is becoming one of the most pathetic presidential elections this country has seen since the American people had to choose between Barry Goldwater and Lyndon Johnson. Democrats are being forced to vote on how much we hate George Bush and not any affection for John Kerry. Republicans are flooding the airwaves with rhetoric condemning any statement against Bush as "inappropriate in a time of war," and "John Kerry is playing politics with national security" – yeah, as though they aren't.

We could go on like this forever. If you are interested in becoming exceptionally annoyed with the lies and half-truths are are becoming this campaign on both sides go to's doonesbury daily dose and read the line on the top titled "todays mudline" for all the up to date mudslinging in the presidential race.

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6 Responses to “Republicans Hate Al Gore.”

  1. K Says:

    Did anyone actually read the transcript/watch the video of Al Gore's MoveOn-sponsored speech? It's at

  2. Erik Says:

    Oh yes, I read it. I don't know whether Al Gore has lost his mind or not. He never was a great orator. Quite frankly, I don't now, nor have I ever, cared what he has to say.

  3. Andy Bright - Very Naughty! Says:

    Thought you may be interested in my blog, very naughty. It includes rants about very naughty things, for all you naughty people out there.

  4. Phil Says:

    Rush Limpbone on Ohio Congressional canditate Paul Hackett, "It appears, you know, that he goes to Iraq to pad the resume, come back and run as a big supporter of the war."

    Paul Hackett on Rush, "That's typical for that fat-ass drug addict to come up with something like that. He's typical of the new Republicans, a lot of lip, but he doesn't walk the walk."

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  6. Caty Tota Says:

    You guys are the 47500 best, thanks so much for the help.