Anybody need a new day job? Like running for Senate?

I just got a call from a good friend in newspapers saying that Jack Ryan is expected to resign within the hour.

*edit 1* The Trib is reporting it as well, and we beat them by 12 minutes!

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4 thoughts on “Anybody need a new day job? Like running for Senate?”

  • Early favorites to replace him include a bag of sand or whichever GOP State Rep is ready to retire, willing to let them toss his name on the ballot, and alright with getting fucking annihilated by Obama in name if not in spirit.

  • I think that guy Ryan hired to follow Obama with the camera should run against him. Just Baby Jesus himself could run and he would still get clobbered at this point.

    I love how the analysis is that they are pulling him not to win the seat, but just so Ryan doesn't pull down people running for Congress or Water Commisioner or any other seat in the state.

  • Christ, I leave for a week….

    All I can say is that it is about time for us to start a grass roots campaign for Ed Burmila, Republican for US senate.

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