Governor Schwarzenegger Revisited

When Arnold followed Jesse Ventura in gaining a governorship, the rest of us were left only to wonder how long it would be until Carl Weathers decided to run. For those of us that don't live in California I don't think there is any possible way for us to figure out why exactly this happened. Complicated things like "car taxes" were in play.

To the casual observer, it seemed the Mr. Schwarzenegger was elected based on several principles.

  • The people of California were paying too much money to drive their cars.
  • Arnold's campaign was largely based around quoting lines he had once said in various movies.
  • Californians found that his accent, and virtual inability to speak English inspired trust.
  • The desire to not have to see previews for another Arnold Schwarzenegger movie for at least 4 years.

The only thing that I had really heard about his role as governor was that he did in fact give all residents of California a rebate on their car tax. The George W. Bush school of economic theory seemed firmly in place. Combat the fact that you are dealing with massive deficit spending and debt by telling your constituents that if you are elected you will cut them a check. Threaten that if anyone else is elected they will take your money away.

Today I saw something even more amusing. Arnold insinuated today that the democrats in the state were, in fact, "girlie-men". So apparently I am too believe that if I am a resident of California, what I really want to inspire confidence that the economic nightmare I am currently living in will soon be over is a leader quoting Saturday Night Live luminaries "Hanz and Franz."

Don't worry, all the state really needs is for democrats to get "pumped up".

Not to let their own personal brand of stupidity be relegated to second place, democrats promptly demanded an apology. No, they were not offended that Arnold had not noticed the time they had spent in the gym recently. They proclaimed that use of the term "girlie-man" is sexist and homophobic. Well yeah, I guess it is. If you were to assume that the use of the term connoted that legislators were either acting like women, or were effeminate men instead of invoking an image of Dana Carvey in a padded sweat suit.

So here is the question I pose, who is the real idiot here? Is it Schwarzenegger for continuing to pander to the lowest common denominator? Or are the state legislators the true political morons for taking his idiotic remarks so damned seriously?

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3 Responses to “Governor Schwarzenegger Revisited”

  1. Ed Says:

    I just like how much difficulty they're having coming up with a budget. It seems as though cutting $300 million from the ledger was easier when he was sitting at home shooting off his mouth. In practice it's a little more complicated.

    Also, California's state-issued bonds are now in the lowest Moody's rating category above "junk bond" (Bbb-) and they've ushered in a proud new era in American economics: the era in which investments in the government are not devoid of default risk.

  2. Cathy Says:

    Politicians have no sense of humor. Arnold says stupid things. He didn't hurt anyone with this one. Let it go.

  3. Ed Says:

    Ultimate Spades Tournament in Atlanta, Georgia