I think everything is going to be okay

I have heard rumors of this from various souces over the course of the past year or so, but have never actually been given concrete evidence of it. What the hell, you may ask, is Erik talking about.

That is Local H guitarist and song writer Scott Lucas is a DJ.

This takes place tomorrow night at Schubas in chicago, if I weren't busy and as flat broke as a man could be I would be there.

The Schubas website only indicates that the DJ's will be playing music that influenced them. That said, we can only assume the Mr. Lucas will be playing the hottest mix of Trance and House chicago has ever seen.

2 thoughts on “I think everything is going to be okay”

  • I remember the man wearing a shirt that said 'Fuck the DJ' at a concert a few years ago.

    I always assumed that it mean the phrase like "tell the dj to go fuck off" – but maybe it was meant literally.

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