Not the only website getting more hits since Nov 2nd.

It seems that since November 2nd, that Canada's main immigration website had recieved nearly 5 times as many hits from the United States as is typical.

When I first heard this I naturally assumed that NetZero's "Candidate Zero" advertising compain had really paid off. Really, what other explaination could there possibly be for both Ginandtacos and the Canadian immigration website to get an increase in hits? We have nothing in common… or do we?

No, upon reading the article it became clear that no, 5 times as many people did not obtain internet access in the United States in the last week. This is just another pathetic example of distraught democrats thinking about expatriation.

It is kind of sad really. Over 100,000 people decided they wanted to look into moving to Canada. Yes, you know, because its better there. What with the not having George Bush and all.

I have one question for all of you potential expatriates. Is Canada really the best you can do? would like to offer some alternatives

First of all lets look at all the old European standbys.

Follow in Ernest Hemmingway's footsteps, move to France!

French Embassy in the United States

I am not going to lie to you. Getting a visa for a long stay and employment in France is one of the hardest you are going to find. Of course, and this is going to apply to any country you go to the more educated (beyond just a bachelor's degree) you are, or the more specialized your skill set, the better your chances. Considering the fact that all of us liberals are highly educated intellectuals we should have no problem….right? More to the point, French immigration gives special consideration to scientists and scholars looking to work in higher education.

That said, think of the rewards! If true America hating is your passion, there is no better recourse than moving to france. Honestly though, the country has an expectionally relevant green and socialist party (former prime minister Lionel Jospin for example). They are a country with legalized civil unions, and get this…a 35 hour work week. Good times.

Add on to this a passion for food, wine, and cycling and you have yourself a far superior option to Canada.

So maybe you are afraid to learn a new language. Try this, move to the UK.

Although the UK may outwardly seem like the are allied with Mr. Bush, that is really quite far from the truth. If you have any doubt, look here. Truth is, far fewer of them support all these aburd goings on that our goverments have been conspiring on than we do.

On the downside, their food sucks, it is generally cold and rainy, and you would need to learn the rules to Cricket.

However, there are some positives. Even when preaching the same insane rhetoric is George Bush, for some reason Tony Blair left me with less of a feeling of impending doom. Oh, and let us not forget that their beer is pretty damn good and, to aid in its consumption, they have a far more liberal definition of the term "alcoholic" over there.

From the research that I have done, it looks like you might actually have a chance of getting in as well. They have a new "points based system" for highly skilled labor and another system, sector based, system that allows working into specific sectors where a need has arisen. Looks like a pretty good option to me. Plus, I kind of like British food.

Looking for something More exotic?

Try immigrating to New Zealand.


New Zealand Immigration

This would not have been my first choice, but hey, its good enough for Peter Jackson. They are pretty fucking close to Australia, speak English, make some fantastic wine, and word on the street is that they have already gotten 10,000 new visa aplications from americans since November 2nd. Who knows? New Zealand might be the new mecca for American expatriats.

But don't be limited by what you see here, the sky is the limit. What about Argentina, Morroco or Mongolia… East Timor. All of these might prove better options then living another 4 years with George Bush.

Oh, but remember to come back or cast an absentee ballot in 2006.

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6 thoughts on “ Not the only website getting more hits since Nov 2nd.”

  • (via mimi smartypants):

    The failure of Canada to independently develop the burrito is one of the great mysteries in the development of human civilization. All the key elements are in place – Mexicans, tortilla bakeries, a large drunk population, the concept of flat pancake-like thing wrapped around a savory filling (thanks to creperies), the concept of a starchy, vaguely spice-filled Latin American food (thanks to the empanada bakeries), even the concept of 24 hour cheap bulk food (thanks to the $0.99 pizza parlors).

    But just as the Chinese were never able to make the leap to the printing press despite inventing ink, paper, movable type, and educating a large literate class, Canada can't seem to make the conceptual or cultural leap to the burrito. Perhaps it is a niche in the Canadian stomach already occupied by poutine? Or is it the invisible hand of Tim Horton's "taking care" of any entrepreneur who dares open a burrito stand?

    The world may never know. But the world is certainly not going to consider moving permanently to a place that does not offer giant foil-wrapped cylinders of Mexican food at three in the morning.

  • Re Mimi Smartypants comment: Montreal is not exactly representative of all of Canada. It's a big country up here–much bigger than the US–with a lot of regional variation, and believe me when I tell you that west coast cities have no burrito shortages. What do those crazy Francophones know about Mexican food?

    Canada has been rated by the UN as either the best, or second best (behind Switzerland), country in which to live for many, many years in a row.

    Gin and Tacos, we love you–what have you got against us? We're the closing thing to America without being American. For example, if we'd had your election here, Kerry would have won by a landslide, and yet you can still see all your favourite TV shows on regular cable, in English. It's the best of all possible worlds.

  • I also must take issue with Erik's statement about Canada. I visited Atlantic canada over the summer and was very much impressed with it, and aside from the gas prices it seemed better than comparable areas in the US in every way.

    Let us not forget the proliferation of Tim Horton's. This alone might justify an emigration decision.

  • Please, don't misunderstand what I am saying. I am sure there are fantastic area's in canada. I haven't actually been to any of the major cities for years.

    The point I was trying to make is that the liberal cliche "I'm moving to Canada" is a bit worn out. I was hoping for some more creativity.

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