Two weeks ago, during the Terri Schiavo ordeal, everyone in the Christian right was a doctor. They were able to assert, based on their years of medical training, an authoritative medical opinion based on some chain emails and video clips. Amazing.

But wait! Now they're all lawyers too! My god, where do they find the time to get all this training? In explaining how Senate filibusters are actually a tool to discriminate against "people of faith" at a rally this weekend, the multitalented Dr. Dobson stated that filibusters….wait for it…..are unconstitutional. That's right. Just because it's explicitly enumerated in the Constitution doesn't mean it can't be….unconstitutional!

I'm in awe of the number of fields of inquiry that have been mastered by this man. So, in summary:

  • 1. America is apparently a land in which the most persecuted group is…white Christians
  • 2. Being a glorified used car salesman of a televangelist makes you an expert in law, science, education, medicine, and basically anything else that you think will rile more supporters into sending you a check

    Noted, and duly.

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    • Of course, for sheer Constitutional ignorance, you've gotta love Phyllis Schlafly's recent statement: "The Consitution is not what the Supreme Court says it is." Damn. And to think I wasted all that time in high school writing a paper on MARBURY v. MADISON–for NOTHING!!!

    • I'm actually just amazed she's still alive. Not only is she old, but I just assumed she choked to death on Reagan's penis sometime in the late 80s.

    • C'mon guys! That ratty old lambskin constitution is LAME! Why should we allow opposition to the majority votes of Congress? GOSH! I mean, it's not as if the Democrats even have a canidate 4 years from now that's capable of winning, so we may as well steam roll ourselves back to the good ol' days… where segregation and depriving civil rights was not only a privlege, it was a right! At least then, there will be some cool indie rock protest music to help voice the yearnings of the children… oh, but we're a much smaller group than the Boomers… and they control everything for another 40 years… we're fucked!

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