This story from noted left-wing mouthpiece Fox News is pretty revealing about the perpetual head-in-ass existence that exemplifies George Bush's America ™. According to FEMA chief Michael Brown, the agency is "shocked" to see looting, violence, and general lawlessness impede relief efforts.

But Brown also acknowledged that little in the government's preparedness plan took into account the likelihood of lawlessness in such dire straits.

"Before the hurricane struck I came down here personally and rode the storm out in Baton Rouge," he said. "We had all of our rescue teams, the medical teams, pre-deployed, ready to go. … The lawlessness, the crime that is occurring, did surprise us."

Appearing on ABC's "Good Morning America," the FEMA director said he "never thought I'd see" the lawlessness that has overtaken the city and interrupted emergency relief efforts.

So our multi-billion dollar Homeland Security disaster management plan never considered the fact that complete anarchy brings out the worst in people? Maintaining order wasn't considered a potential problem in the wake of a nuclear attack or massive natural disaster?

Good work, FEMA. When I think of major catastrophes, "orderly" is the first word that comes to mind.

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  1. J. Dryden Says:

    Let's also give a big shout-out to Peggy "I can fit Reagan's cock ALL the way down my throat" Noonan for commenting that she really hoped that the looters would be shot. Yeah, 'cause people taking food and water that would rot anyway so they and their children don't starve need to get whacked in the WORST way…

  2. Samantha Says:

    Hey, at least you got your wish about leveling the poorest areas of Mississippi! And you even got the poorest, least attractive areas of New Orleans thrown in there for free!

    Let's start rebuilding those neighborhoods with more curb appeal ASAP!

  3. Ed Says:

    I think we can agree that my earlier post is, in hindsight, in poor taste. The standard hurricane news coverage drill does not usually include the potential for hundreds, maybe thousands, of dead bodies. Had I considered that a realistic possibility, I would not have treated the whole thing as a sideshow.