I'm pretty much at the point in my life at which I've given up on the idea of working hard in school, getting good grades, and launching a successful career. I put this phase off longer than most people (who embark upon it during Sophomore year of college) but I am handling it the same way: massive amounts of Counter-Strike.

m3.jpg is no stranger to this game and the bizarre cult that surrounds it. As such, we collectively tip our hats to the cheap, manual-loading shotgun. Not only does it make one look and sound much cooler than the opposition, but there's a special sense of pride and joy one feels upon using it to blow an opponent away from about 6 feet despite its considerable shortcomings. You round a corner and stumble upon a terrorist, who of course starts moving around and spraying bullets everywhere from his $6000 assault rifle. In contrast, you calmly level your archaic 12-gauge to chest height and lift him a few feet off the ground.

Yes, it's slow and inefficient. Yes, if you miss you're dead. But yes, it also makes that bad-ass chambering sound in between rounds. The cheap shotgun: ginandtacos, salut!

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  1. mike Says:

    B21 ! B21 !

    side note: Cleaning out a closet in-between moves, I found my old N64. During my sophomore year of college, I was able to (a) get a Perfect 007 Save Game of Goldeneye (with all cheat codes unlocked, even the very difficult Facility in 2:05) (b) have Link assemble the ocarina of time and get the two-handed sword, (c) have Mario find all 100 stars in the castle, (d) take a third level calculus class twice, dropping it both semesters, (e) go on academic probation, while taking about 13 hours of classes.

    Good times. I never really wanted to go to grad school someday.

  2. Ambrosini Says:

    Speaking of GoldenEye,

  3. anna kiki Says:

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