Next semester I get the privilege of teaching 200 undergraduates in a class about the Presidency. The office and its powers, mind you, not the people who have filled it.

Every Presidency goes through multiple stages. The honeymoon, the rude awakening, a productive agenda-setting phase, etcetera. After Clinton and now Bush, I think that revised editions of Presidency textbooks will need to add Phase V: Indictments and Phase VI: Mass Resignations. Thanks for the memories, Scooter Libby. We hardly knew ye, Harriet Miers.

I said all throughout the 2004 election that the most frustrating part about it was that you knew America was going to turn on George Bush like a motherfucker about 9 months after he got re-elected. There's a fatigue inherent in any presidency that sets in after about 6 years, and it's accelerated with utterly incompetent Presidents such as our current model. Somehow the voting public managed to convince themselves that Bush was competent to serve for four more years and then they suddenly realized halfway through 2005 that, hey, maybe that war isn't going so well after all. And maybe the administration is corrupt and incestuous to its core.

Congratulations, America. And good luck to George Bush and his pals over the next couple years. Ignorant masses giveth, then they taketh away.

2 thoughts on “PHASE V: SWORD-FALLING”

  • Libby won't serve a day of prison time, even if he's convicted.

    And Bush may be down, but he's not out. My guess is he'll weather this storm too.

    Not that I want it this way. But they've shown remarkable talent at convincing the ignorant masses night is day, and black is white. They'll wiggle out of this squeeze, albeit after a few losses.

  • Don't forget the Reagan second-term crash-and-burn. (Though God knows, the conservatives have tried to make us do so.)

    But Sam's right; the 'talking-points' machine turned Kerry into a snivelling coward and Bush into a war hero, Osama into Saddam, and a flagging economy into gay marriage.

    And–though an indictment on his end is the stuff of my stickier fantasies–Rove, who's mastered the method of acting in the most scummy, vile, vicious manner possible *without* breaking any actual laws, will continue to play Mephistopheles to Bush's Faust. And Cheney ain't going the way of Agnew.

    Still, at least Robert Novak got fired.

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