2005 Dion Rayford Award Runner-up, Or: Man's Best Friend.

Earlier we told you about the ginandtacos.com's 2005 Dion Rayford Award winner – the winners were two kids who broke into an Arby's while drunk to cook food. This year we'd like to also congratulate a runner-up for the award, given "for going above and beyond the call of duty to enjoy alcohol or low-priced Mexican food."

According to reports, a man was purchasing a burrito from a 7-11 at 2:30 in the morning. All fine and good. This man did not have enough money with him for the purchase, so he went to his car to get some cash. At this point another man in the store tried to purchase the first guy's burrito. When guy #1 returned from his car to see another man trying to poach his tasty late-night snack a fight broke out.

This happens more than you would imagine (though less than I'd like). You might say "But the 7-11 is full of burritos." We would call you a relativist and a moral coward, but this level of heroism isn't what we reward around here. What is important is that the first guy's 75 pound pit bull, who was waiting in the car, instinctively jumped out of the car and attacked the second man who was trying to steal the burrito.

Pets make great companions, and can often do neat tricks and whatnot. But to see an animal escape a car in order to defend his master's burrito purchases on instinct alone (initial reports say the the man's girlfriend did not let the dog loose) brings a tear to my eye. We could all use that kind of companion in our lives.

Pit Bull, ginandtacos.com honors you with a 2005 Dion Rayford Runner-up award. You may very well be put down for this, but it will be for an honorable and virtuous act. We should all get to have such noble ends in our lives. We'll keep track, and if the word comes down that you will be killed for defending your master's right to purchase and eat the burrito he heated up in a 7-11 microwave at 2:30am, we'll create an email writing campaign to save you. God bless.

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  1. Samantha Says:

    Should the need arise, I will be the first to sign your worthy petition.