Who wants to bet that Ed Caudill is a loser?

I am sure most of us have been there at some point in time. You were young, possibly too young to be drinking legally, and found yourself at a house party. It was a good time. There were two kegs of whatever Miller of Busch product was the cheapest. Perhaps even a jello shot or two was distributed to the masses.

All in all, it was firmly situated in middleground between "good time" and "why the hell am I here". At some point, the balance was shifted. Officers of the law show up. They inform you that your music is too loud, and that they don't feel that people under the age of 21 should be consuming alcoholic beverages. So, you slowly stumble home thinking to yourself. I can't wait until next weekend- or potentially tomorrow depending on the remaining quantity of beer/vodka/cheap gin/carlo rossi sangria/whatever is left.

However, it would seem that Lincoln, Nebraska does not want you to finish your remaining keg of Natural Light. They have proposed a new initiative (which sounds vaguely like an Animal Houseesque "double secret probation") where houses where parties were "busted" would be tagged with a red sign for 120 days. During this time the house is subject to much sticter "anti-partying" police attention.

Although this seemed like a somewhat odd, potentially slightly fascist bit of local legislation, my first reaction was:

"Yeah, well it is Nebraska. Honestly, did these college students expect much less?"

My surprise came when I read a bit further and realized that the move was proposed by a 21 year old kid named Ed Caudill who is fed up with the noise and litter in his neighborhood. I mean really? What kind of jackass is this guy? I am willing to bet he is an engineering student who secretly resents the fact that he is never invited to these parties- I don't know, its just a guess.

I even understood the (presumably older) woman who was concerned about what red tags would do to her property value and proposed (hopefully in jest) that the students themselves be made to wear the tags. But a 21 year old? He should be drunk and at these parties, not at city council meetings complaining about noise and litter.

Honestly, I don't know what variety but I can say with some certainty:

-Ed Caudill, you are a loser.

6 thoughts on “Who wants to bet that Ed Caudill is a loser?”

  • Senior year of college I lived next to the TKE frat house in Champaign – a frat whose lameness was matched only by it's loudness.

    I never considered going to a city alderman with a bill. What a loser.

  • Someone needs a cock-punching.

    I should introduce him to the 20 year old college sophomore who contacted me over eBay and threatened to report me to United Airlines.

    He went to Liberty University. Yes, Jerry Falwell's school. This surprised me not in the least.

  • I can't believe that the kid would allow his name to be released on something like that. It is just asking for trouble.

  • neville chamberlain says:

    they should have invited him to the parties.

    i wonder if anyone moves into a crowded campustown area expect quiet nights.

    other than that, i'm totally on caudill's side. noise pollution sux. and i'm not joking.

  • I know this is an incredibly old post, just couldn't help myself. I am an ENGINEERING student at NEBRASKA, you fuck. And I'm having a fucking party tonight.
    Nebraska and Engineers always get a bad fucking rep. It's really the city of Lincoln being a total whore. It is easily the worst run city I have ever lived in.

    In closing, Engineers love to party. We work the hardest, we drink the most.

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