President Bush: "Today I'm happy to nominate a great man, Brian Doyle, as press secretary for the Department of Homeland Security. He's a man of tremendous character."

Brian J. Doyle: "Thank you, Mr. President. I wish to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the people of the United States. In accordance with Megan's Law, I'm required to tell you…."

"I also like Fall Out Boy. Send n00dz plz."

It may have taken 6 years, but the Bush Administration has finally sunk to the level of having pedophiles exposed by federal sting operations. Even Clinton never achieved this one. But we always knew it would come to this.

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2 thoughts on “EIGHT YEAR OLDS, DUDE.”

  • It's firing the same neurons that love watching World's Wildest Police Chases – in some ways I'm kinda happy Bush won in '04, because this is like watching a car driving on the rims, shooting sparks everything, rocket straight into a ditch.

    I also want it to be noted that he was exercising his charms over children in Polk County, Florida – a notable WWPC location.

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