1. The media are duty-bound to refer to the accuser solely as "the stripper" (Hey viewers! Hint! Hint! Get it? Strippers are whores. They want it, and even if they don't, they have it coming.) rather than as "alleged victim", "accuser", or even "woman."

2. The old rape apologist (rapologist?) stand-bys – Why didn't she call the police? (she did) Why didn't she go to the hospital? (she did) – are no longer relevant and have been replaced by a simple "Come on, the girl is a skank" and "There is no DNA evidence." The latter is apparently a reference to some caselaw with which I am not familiar stating that it isn't really rape if you don't blow a big load all over the victim. My mistake.

"Your honor, my dad owns a dealership."

3. Lacrosse is not a haven for bratty trust-fund fratboys who would probably be playing polo or baccarat instead if such games were competitive at the collegiate level.

4. Any public prosecutor who presses sexual assault charges in an election year is simply pandering to special interest groups – in this case, liberal feminist activists (read: lesbos) and dirty negroes (who should be thankful they're even allowed to vote in North Carolina, right?).

5. If anyone needs sympathy and protection from the overbearing justice system that is stacked against them and their interests, it is wealthy college-aged white males in former Confederate states. The courts simply cannot be trusted to treat such a marginalized underclass fairly.

6. This blog really sums it up: "It looks like the team was the victim here." These fine young men (notwithstanding the one accused rapist, Colin Finnerty, being on probation at the time of the alleged rape for having beat up a gay guy) have been forced to cancel their lacrosse season. That is, without a doubt, the biggest injustice resulting from the actions of our legal system since the good name of Officer Stacy Koon was dragged through the mud.

Thank you, mainstream media.

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  1. Liz Says:
  2. mike Says:


    I think I can speak for many people who have been to a strip club when I say that if your first instinct, two hour after seeing a stripper, is to find strippers and kill them (read the email at the link – I love the media's careful wording of "and find the situation sexually gratifying"), you are probably a violent sociopath and/or rapist.

    Not beyond a reasonable doubt of course, but certainly more likely than not.

  3. mike Says:

    btw – it took me 3 reads to figure out if that "It looks like the team was the victim here" link was a joke or ironic. I still (want to) believe that it is.

  4. Mike Says:

    It's PowerLine blog, they're dead serious. I think the writers of PowerLine should get together with the membership base of Little Green Footballs and have a competition to see who's more racist. My money would go to the fascists over at LGF, who probably have a photo of Dale Earnhardt superimposed against the World Trade Center with a crying eagle somewhere.

    Do note that all of the writers from PowerLine are white upper-class lawyers, as if they gave a flying fuck if some dumb negro (who strips nonetheless) got pounded by our future business leaders of America.

  5. Kendra Says:

    Thank God I am a dirty liberal negro lesbian! I mean really….

  6. paul Says:

    some of your crticisms of MSM are dead on, but your biggest issue is with a blog, which ain't MSM

  7. Peggy Says:

    I actually think that my favorite line from that blog entry was "With better adult supervision, the latest drama perhaps could have been avoided."

    Uh, forgive me if I'm wrong, but… aren't the players all (technically) adults? If so… explain to me why they should need "adult supervision" to keep them from beating up gay men, getting arrested, and gang-raping strippers/exotic dancers/anyone?

  8. Samantha Says:

    1. The media usually refer to this woman as the 'accuser' and usually also add that she is a mother of two. They could also refer to her as someone who tried to rundown a police officer in a stolen car.
    2. If you read the reports about this case you will discover that the accuser did not call the police – a Kroger employee called the police BECAUSE the accuser was intoxicated and would not get out of a car in the parking lot.
    3. There is nothing about lacrosse that makes it inherently LESS accessible to people who are not 'bratty trust-fund fratboys.' Saying things like that propogates and gives life to an unfortunate stereotype.
    4. Why don't you examine Nifong's methodology and adherence to police procedure before insinuating that he is NOT leading this witch-hunt for personal political gain.
    5. You are trying to make this about white 'upperclass' people being racist/classist but YOU are guilty of doing that!!
    6. The person Colin Finnerty 'beat up' is NOT gay and despite people such as yourself trying to make this seem like it was some sort of a hate crime, it wasn't

    Before pointing fingers at everyone else, why don't you take a close look at yourself. It IS possible to be a reverse racist/classist as you have shown in your comments.