The average American couldn't name the five rights guaranteed by the 1st Amendment if you held a gun to his or her head. Those who seek to become naturalized citizens should be no different. The following is a real flash card offered as a study aid for those taking the "citizenship test" through the INS:


Yeah, I'm pretty sure they're missing one. Or maybe the omission isn't an accident. Freedom of the press has really been a pain in the President's ass lately, and his last six years in office have already made clear his power to edit the Constitution at will.

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  • So Ed, I figure that beneath your facade of cynicism lurks the heart of an idealist (I've got one too) and I have to wonder, since I'm not sure how to feel – is all of this stuff, these low approval ratings, the in-party distancing from Bush, the "rearranging of deck chairs on the Titanic" … is this a sign that the pendulum is about to swing back? Are we going to come out of this dark patch okay?

    Or am I being naive?

  • Is it possible? Yes. Is it likely? I have my doubts.

    30+ seats in the House is a phenomenal number of seats to pick up in a single election. It's not historically unprecedented, but it tends to happen once every few decades rather than every few elections.

    In the Senate, aside from Santorum I can't see any Republican incumbent who has "toast" written all over him.

    The four seats I see being in serious trouble are Santorum, Frist's old seat in TN (may turn over on the strength of Harold Ford) and Conrad Burns (MT). But the Democrats also face the potential of losing ground in Washington (Cantwell is a weak incumbent in a 50/50 state – look at their last Gov race), Michigan (Stabenow will face another $25 million challenger), Jim Talent in MO (a thoroughly corrupt, distasteful little troll) and WV (Byrd is 89).

    So taking the Senate will require some good fortune. The Democrats would need to win every vulnerable GOP seat, pick up another seat in an upset, and hold their own vulnerables.

    The House is unpredictable in my opinion. There are too many races to be able to identify individual weaknesses. Just remember that 94% of House incumbents who run for re-election are re-elected.

  • fuck imigrants i ant got no beef with em just that what the hell we ant got the money or the room they just usally illealgal any way.My sister works at a bank and says they come over here and wire the money back to were they came,and marry a fat chick so they can become a leagal citizin so what the fuck are u thinkin? she didnt say that about the chick i did. I think obama right no better then bush,the oil spill proves it took him a fuckin almost 2 months or more to 'PLUG THAT DAMN HOlE' lmfao 'fuck imigrants

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