Ghouls come out at night.

I'll leave it for you to judge: Is this too horrible to turn away from? Too endearing not to be moved by? Too interesting to not stop reading? My Death Space, a complete directory of people who have died on myspace and now have memorial webpages (you can see the list of recent updates too).

I've been told by avid watchers that you can try and predict deaths over time – following the 4th holiday there's been a death due to firework injuries. Evidently a lot of teenagers are dying from auto accidents, and people who commit suicide (or die from suicidal-ish drug overdoses) have extensive web presences. Hmm…please help reset my moral compass to Absolute North by leaving a comment as to whether or not this is awful and ghoulish.

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3 Responses to “Ghouls come out at night.”

  1. Ambrosini Says:

    ok, some of those are just funny. How would you like your obituary to read that you fell off a balcony and died? That's begging to be a Darwin award. Also, the girl who died from a Cocaine Overdose (unconfirmed of course) has her 2nd to last blog message a poll stating, "WHAT DRUG ARE YOU?"

    Good find Mike,

  2. Ed Says:

    I keep thinking of Stewie saying "You know Meg, if you kill yourself now you'll probably get a whole page in the yearbook…..that's something to think about…..because, you know, in a few more years you wouldn't even get an obituary."

  3. Ed Says:

    Upon inspection, that site is unintentionally hilarious.

    "Fell from cliff" is a more common cause of death than I would have expected. And goth kids who commit suicide because their parents grounded them….well, that's just inherently funny. Especially with pictures.