Sending messages.

I'm sure you all have reasons for supporting the Constitutional Ban on Gay Marriage. Here is one you probably haven't thought of: The recent fighting in the Middle East. Quote Rep. Gingrey:

The Democrats accused Republicans of raising the issue even as they ignored what the Democrats said were more pressing problems, including the war in Iraq, an expanding conflict in the Middle East, high gasoline prices and North Korean missile tests.

But Representative Jack Kingston, Republican of Georgia, said the marriage issue was “just as important and a top-tier issue as any of those.”

Another Georgia Republican, Representative Phil Gingrey, said support for traditional marriage “is perhaps the best message we can give to the Middle East and all the trouble they’re having over there right now.”

I also think that repealing the Death Tax and opening up ANWR for drilling will help with the situation in Darfur personally. It's the second best message we could send.

One thought on “Sending messages.”

  • And don't forget on-line gambling! Critical issue there as well.

    Living in GA, I've pretty much gotten used to the fact that my vote as a secularist is merely sea spray above the ocean of those with Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ on their side…Yesterday a moderate democrat, Cathy Cox, lost the gubernatorial democratic primary to Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor, a 300 pound republican in a democrat's plus-plus-sized clothing.

    Don't you just love southern politics?

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