Anyone who's ever seen and/or enjoyed the motion picture Black Hawk Down are probably aware that it depicts real events from the nonfiction book of the same name with a surprising (at least for Hollywood) level of accuracy.

One part of the film is fictionalized, I've learned. Apparently the nervous coffee-loving Grimes (Ewan McGregor) is comic relief, but he isn't a real person. "Grimes" is a character based heavily on real-life Spc. John Stebbins, a coffee-obsessed nebbish of a clerk. Apparently the US Army powers-that-be demanded that Stebbins' name be altered (unlike any of the other characters in the film) before agreeing to assist with the film.

For some reason, they didn't think the story of heroism, valor, and unpreparedness would resonate with audiences when they realized that one of the heroes, Mr. Stebbins, is doing 30 years for raping a 6-year old girl.

Oh, and it was his daughter. Good night.

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