OK, I give up. Where did you find this fucking idiot, Lexington Herald-Leader?

Post-doctoral fellow at Harvard? MacArthur Foundation board member? Mensa?

Am I at least getting warm? Don't tell me the answer. I want to keep guessing. This is fun.

6 thoughts on “LET ME GUESS….”

  • Have no fear, Ed. There is nary a shortage of pen-wielding editorialists who salivate at the thought of writing the next critically acclaimed piece of literature, or even just something to talk about at the water cooler. She is not one but part of a conglomerate of writers that write not for the art or the satisfaction of creating a well-crafted semantic masterpiece, but only to drop a bomb in a sewage tank and see who rushes to complain about her "well written" piece of work.

    I went to college with a few of those folks…

  • But…but, how can you say that she's stupid? I mean, she uses words like "naivete" and "idee fixe," so she must be smart! (Although…aren't those…*French* phrases?! The language of the enemy?! Hmmm.) And "dilemma" and "irony"–so, yeah, OK, she misused the latter, but–no, no, she *must* be correct, because nobody with a vocabulary like that can possibly be wrong!

    And she really hit the nail on the head, Jerry Falwell style, when she correctly identified the significant role of the Wiccan pagans as part of the murderous cabal who took over where the Elders of Zion left off. Yep, can't trust those Wiccans. And those Buddhists. How dare we think of them as morally superior in their conduct? Look at all the acts of organized terrorism and violence that they, um, well–OK, shut up about that. Point is–Why are you siding with the terrorists???

    I wonder…is Ed Anger from the WWN moonlighting at the Lexington H-L?–'cause that would explain everything about this piece.

  • I would be so happy if it turned out that she's LYING about working at a Community College.

    Working at a CC, now that would be funny on its own. But lying about something that meager….well, that's just priceless.

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