Fox News is prepping a conservative answer to the Daily Show. If it's anywhere near as awesome as the right-wing response to leftist punk and anti-war music then we are in for one hilarious show.

I only hope it somehow incorporates neoconservative stand-up comedian Julia Gorin! She is just so goddamn funny I can barely stand it!

(Author's note: stand-up comedians whose acts are made up almost entirely ( > 75%) of laughing at their own jokes and egging the crowd into applause breaks with phrases like "Am I right, people?" make me want to tunnel to the Earth's core and ignite an explosive powerful enough to turn our planet into soccer ball-sized chunks of uninhabitability.)

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3 Responses to “LOOK OUT, DENNIS MILLER!”

  1. ryan Says:

    I share your reaction to said comedians. However, the 'tunnel to the center and ignite an explosive' method is highly problematic, since the pressures there would be great enough to prevent the actual *complete* destruction of the earth. Here is a guide for people who don't want the earth to be here anymore: http://qntm.org/destroy

  2. Ed Says:

    Reading that website is the best 90 minutes I have spent all year. Awesome!

  3. Samantha Says:

    Oh my god. I wholeheartedly agree!