Looks like Bill Frist is already pulling out (too bad his father didn't do the same! *rimshot*). All that Dobson-fluffing was for naught.

In even better news, looks like Liddy Dole's retarded ass will be heading the NRSC again in 2008. This just in – the Senatorial campaign organization that she ran into the ground in 2006 not only lost SIX SEATS but also lost money doing it! Yep, they're in debt and they're asking for more help just to get out of the red. Try a bake sale, bitch.

Lastly, is soon to have a spin-off site – a Family Matters to ginandtacos' Perfect Strangers. It's going to be dedicated to political oddsmaking and it will start out with early analysis of the 2008 Senate, House, and Presidential races. Basically, it'll be Sabato's Crystal Ball with more dick jokes. Whee!

(I bet you totally forgot that Family Matters is technically spun off of Perfect Strangers. It is. Harriet Winslow – the mom on FM – worked at thenewspaper with Cousin Larry from PS.)

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2 Responses to “BLUE BALLS”

  1. Mike Says:

    I remember how disappointed I was when I finally, after having thought it was a the funniest show ever during the 10 years where I didn't see it, got to see an episode of Perfect Strangers about a year ago and it was completely not funny. How could 12-year-old Mike have such bad comedy tastes?!?!?

  2. Samantha Says:

    Latent homosexuality, of course, Mike.

    I kid. What will the new site be called, pray tell?