It may not be progress, but at least it's progressive. A progressive increase, that is.


I'm so fuckin' tired of all these people who are embarassed because of how loudly they proclaimed this war was a good idea in 2002 (i.e. It will only take 6 weeks, they will hail us as liberators, etc). Now they're SO desperate for some rational cover that they keep seizing upon these "turning points" that supposedly beckon the end of the insurgency.

Remember when Hussein was captured? That was going to cause all his former supporters to realize the futility of further resistance and lay down their arms. Remember when Iraq held elections? That was the nail of democracy into the insurgents' heart. Remember when Zarqawi was killed? That was the great tactical blow that severed the insurgency's alleged command-and-control.

There is no "turning point" and there is no end. It gets worse and worse every goddamn day. I have very little aside from pure spite for all these people (in the media, in the neocon right, and in the voting public) who in the past two years suddenly decided that they dislike George Bush and that Iraq is a disaster.

You voted for the guy (probably twice) and you jumped on the We <3 War bandwagon without the slightest bit of thought in 2002. You were wrong and now a lot of people are dead. It's entirely your fault. I know you won't learn from this, and I know that next time we come to a similar situation you'll flap your gums and bang the drum just as loudly irrespective of the fact that you were wrong about absolutely everything in Iraq. But in the meantime, the least you could do is show a tiny shred of humility and spare us from being expected to entertain your guilt-driven fantasy rationalizations about how the insurgency is just about to collapse.

In closing, fuck you.


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  • Fuck us, indeed. Really, shouldn't the reason that "You" is (are?) Person of the Year be that "You" is (are?) responsible for the fucking nightmare we're in? I want to belatedly thank you for linking that Sean Smith Iraq film awhile back–it marked the point at which I switched from "This was a horrible idea, and I really don't think we can pull this off, but hey, Japan was a totally foreign culture, and we managed to do right by them, post-war" to "OH SHIT–IT'S VIETNAM!!! WE'RE IN FUCKING VIETNAM ALL OVER AGAIN!!!"

    When the people you're 'helping' hate you just as much as the people you're fighting (largely because you 'lead' them by screaming at them like you're trying to Scare Them Straight), and neither of you speaks a common language, and you can't tell the difference between the guys who are shooting at you from across the street and the guys who are waiting for the opportunity to shoot you in the back, then you, my friend, are fucked.

    When the Sunnis are the *sane* ones–at least, they were back when the British decided which faction they could do business with when *they* were fucking up the region–when the people, in short, behind Al Quaeda are the *sane* ones, then you, my friend, are fucked.

    When every 'yes-man'/little bitch in the war office who finally discovers a vestigial spine and quits and/or gets thrown to the wolves immediately turns around and says "We're fucked"–then you, my friend, are fucked.

    Peter Cook–God rest his gin-soaked soul–once famously declared that irony was dead the day Henry Kissinger declared the Nobel Peace Prize. If he'd been alive to see Dick Cheney declare Donald Rumsfeld "the finest Secretary of Defense this nation has ever had" (Fuck you, George Marshall! What did YOU ever do?!), he might have had to rethink his claim.

    Fuck us, indeed.

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