Ever since Mike saw fit to post a picture of me wearing silver pants and a shady beard, I have been waiting to return the favor somehow. Knowing Mike I didn't figure that it would take long for the right opportunity to arise. I was correct.

Now, I feel compelled as a responsible citizen to warn you about the following image before I present it. Many readers, notably children or those with spastic colons, may find this image disturbing. I know I did. So before clicking through, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are you prepared to see, in wholly unambiguous terms, the outline of Mike's package under a thin layer of spandex? Bear in mind that said package has been described with adjectives like "elephantine" and "life-affirming."

2. Are you prepared to see what is perhaps nature's fullest expression of the Polack Hirsuteness Ratio (3 follicles of body hair per follice of head hair)?

3. Do you believe that some phenomena are inherently beyond explanation, or are you an ardent rational choice adherent who insists on trying to make sense of a world that rarely cooperates with your efforts?

If you are comfortable with your answers, click here. Neither ginandtacos.com nor its parent corporation Nordyne Defense Dynamics accept any responsibility for this image and/or the reader's decision to view it. By reading this entry and choosing to click on this link the reader is giving informed consent to see a man in a speedo.

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  1. Liz Says:

    Huzzah! An embarrassing photographs pissing contest between two dudes who have known one another since Zubaz were considered acceptable apparel. This can only end well.

  2. You can call me, Sir Says:

    Merciful Jesus, indeed. The chick in the foreground is no doubt either talking to the 911 operator or her therapist.

  3. Ed Says:

    "Hello, police? I can totally see this guy's cock."

  4. Mike Says:

    And it is a Girls Gone Wild hat, for the record. That night got away from us; it escalated pretty quickly.

  5. Ambrosini Says:


  6. Ed Says:

    I respected Mr. Konczal's wishes by replacing the picture.

    The sasquatch, well, that was my idea.

  7. Maddie Says:

    I didn't get here in time.


  8. Ed Says:

    I'm sure Mike can email you the picture in all its glory.

  9. K Says:

    I must say I protest the removal of this photo as well, unless you replace it with one of all three speedo-wearers that evening. Together they represent a truly astonishing amount of body hair.