Thank god for biased liberal academics. The National Security Archive at George Washington University obviously has a few, and their use of the FOIA has brought a smile to my face and bile to the tip of my tongue.

They obtained some declassified documents today revealing some of the post-invasion Iraq "planning" done by Tommy Franks and the like. Thomas Blanton of the NSA describes them as "delusional" and "completely unrealistic" yet after reading over them I'm not sure those terms are strong enough, nor that anything contained within could reasonably be called "planning" at all.

Among the highlights:

1. All US forces would be out of Iraq 45 months after invasion (meaning they'd be leaving right about…NOW, the moment at which we're talking about increasing our committment significantly)

2. The Provisional Iraqi government would be in place and effective by the invasion date.

3. The Provisional government would be able to handle substantial responsibility for its own security in short order.

4. By December 2006, US troop levels would be at 5,000 with full redeployment coming just 3 months later (IE a few weeks from today).

Read all the fun details here. Seriously, grab some popcorn. It'll be a good time.

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  1. Ray Says:

    The initial misstep is painfully clear. Their war plans were drawn up and presented in PowerPoint. Everybody knows that no important decisions should be made based on a PowerPoint presentation. This invasion was doomed before it began. The Iraqis no doubt knew about the PowerPoint slides, were enraged by it, and thus the insurgency was born.

  2. Samantha Says:

    For your consideration, Ray: