I'm glad that The Half Hour News Hour took three months off between episodes – surely that would give them plenty of time to write, you know, some material that is actually humorous.

Never mind, of course, the fact that its arch-rival The Daily Show cranks out a truly hilarious product every 24 hours without much difficulty. Hey, that's fine. Some people are tortoises and some people are hares. Let's not mock our conservative bretheren just because it takes them 50 times longer to come up with 1/2 hour of funny or relevant material.

No, let's mock them because after three months off, this is the dreck they were able to come up with. Must have been a slow news…..year? Quarter?

I swear to god, that show's jokes are written by a committee of 60 year-old white guys and Phyllis Schlafly interns.

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One thought on “TIME WELL SPENT”

  • Holy shit! I'd totally forgotten about them.

    One question though: Is the canned laughter intended to be ironic? Because it's been my understanding that in order to be ironic, FIRST you must be either witty or funny–THEN, you can dabble into ironic prose.

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