I really had a lot to do at work today. How was I supposed to know the Procrastination Fairy was going to show up and whisper this in my ear: "Mike…what if I was to show you a video of Zach Galifianakis lip-synching the newest Kanye West single, on a farm, while occasionally riding a tractor and wearing an absurd robe, while Will Oldham dances in the background? And even better, since it is an official Kanye West video it is hosted on a site not-blocked by your work filter, you can watch it all day."

I said "No such thing could exist! That is too much awesome to be able to be streamed on the internet tubes!"

The Procrastination Fairy replied: "Oh, but it does."

I walked into work thinking I wasn't going to watch Zach echo Kanye's desire to stop spending so much money about 200x while my boss kept walking by, but sometimes I fall short of my ideal self. Seriously, like 200x times.

(I can understand you may find that link retarded; that's fine, but I'm not going to call you the next day if you do. It's not going to work between us.)

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One Response to “Anti-Work”

  1. Ambrosini Says:

    Thank you Mike