So are you all watching Frisky Dingo? I'm pretty convinced it's the greatest thing ever. The Season 2 plotline – Killface and Xander running against one another for President – culminated with the Haggar Pants ™ Presidential Debate live from Haggar Pants Arena. Killface's fund-raising plan is codenamed "Operation Meth Nazis." I think more of you need to be watching this. Season 1 is (mostly) available online gratis.

Pardon today's entry. I am preoccupied. The mighty TremFu is buckling down in preparation for the two McLusky shows next weekend. If you live in Bloomington, come. I'm getting older, and that fact requires celebration. Of secondary importance (note sarcasm), I have to defend my dissertation proposal on Monday. Of tertiary importance (no sarcasm), I have to start teaching a course on Monday evening – with 2 hour, 50 minute class periods. Hold on while I swallow my tongue.


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4 Responses to “FRISKY FRIDAY”

  1. Mike D Says:

    Gay Dudes' Mansion Halloween House Party on 10.26?

    I'm fucking there.

  2. Samantha Says:

    Torpedo Vegas, the underground rabbit-fighting mob boss who kidnapped Simon in season one, is my real life boyfriend. Not the guy who does the gay-sounding voice, the guy who posed for the animation. So there.

    Good luck with the dissertation! And the birthday show too.

  3. Ed Says:

    Your boyfriend looks like Torpedo Vegas?!?!


  4. Samantha Says: