Sorry folks, no update tonight. My 14 hour day, which featured the political science faculty rejecting my dissertation proposal, did not leave me with time to pick up much news.

Entertain yourself with this link. I have a close friend who swears that the "undecided voter panel" is the highest form of televised comedy, but Fox News undecided voter panels on Republican primary debates take things to another level. Check out the quote about "long memories" of Clinton and "nobody wants to go through that hell again." Yes, remember those nightmare years between 1992 and 2000? Peace, prosperity, and budget surpluses. 2001-2007 has just been so much better. We truly are, to trot out an old campaign slogan, better off now than we were a few years ago.

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3 Responses to “NULL”

  1. David Recine Says:

    So where's the link?

  2. Samantha Says:

    Have you posted a summary of your dissertation proposal here before? I'm curious…

  3. JDryden Says:

    Sorry to hear about diss.–that fucking sucks. I once had my entire Master's Thesis–fully written, mind you–rejected by one member of a panel, and contemplated murder/suicide right then and there. Marginally better to get body-checked in the planning stages, and presumably they told you how to fix it. Hang in there; they *do* want you to succeed, in the long run.

    Undecided voters have gone from being the smartest group of people to the dumbest group of people–no longer do we live in an era where the information that they need to make informed decisions is unavailable. Thanks to 80 billion televised debates, transcripts, websites, etc., you can know everything about a candidate down to his preferences on underwear. (Oh, how I wish that were a joke.)

    So now instead of the people who are refusing to be spun and are waiting to find out what they need to know, they're now the people who are too freaking lazy to seek out the information or even pay attention when it's offered to them, and just don't bother to really think about it until it's the last minute and they 'go with their gut' in the voting booth. We hate them. To paraphrase LEBOWSKI: Say what you will about the tenets of the lunatic fringe radicalism, at least it's an ethos…