Just a couple of quick notes today due to spending most of Tuesday night celebrating my birth. First, if you're an academic (or any person who likes the rush of superiority that accompanies reading about creationists) please spend 5 minutes reading this. A blogger with some time on his hands accepts a Discovery Institute spokeswoman's challenge: "Maybe you should check out some of the peer-reviewed ID research." It turns out, to absolutely no one's surprise, that their idea of "peer review" is either A) "scientists" employed by the Discovery Institute itself and B) real academics…with PhDs in fields totally unrelated to the hard sciences. It might be a good idea to let the readers know that authors like "Dr. John A. Campbell, PhD" is a professor of communications at the University of Memphis. I can't wait to finish my Political Science PhD so I can start writing biology textbooks too.

Second, take a quick glance at this piece of news. Not only can you work up a healthy chuckle over the fact that our high-ranking military officers are being guarded by foreign private security firms, but take a moment to enjoy the fact that we have a Brigadier General named Jeffrey Dorko. I'm pretty sure I'd also submerge myself in a world of show-off masculinity and pomp if my name was Dorko.

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  1. Bing McGhandi Says:

    Thanks very much for the link! I have been a little surprised by the coverage that posting has gotten, but I'm very happy that people have read it. I have learned that it is never a bad idea for a non-scientist to pick up the gauntlet that a creationist throws down (when a scientist debates one, on the other hand, it can only look good on the CV of the creationist).

    Twaddle-peddling endumbeners to a man, the DI is. Good luck on your PhD. I'm a PhD candidate in American Lit and Culture (ok, actually English) in St. Louis. Going on the academic job market. Daunting.


  2. Samantha Says:

    Maybe it's the cumulative effect of your multiple recent illnesses, the setback with your dissertation proposal, the pitiful array of potential presidential candidates, the fact that you're getting old, and a host of other things I can only guess at, but you seem especially angry these days.

    Not to discredit any of the superb writing you've been doing lately, Ed – I really enjoy your perspective and the particularly biting way in which you've been delivering it lately – but seriously, you need to laugh a little. I mean at something other than Dorko's name.

    How about this? It makes me laugh a lot every day.