I lack the time for an in-depth entry today, but please, please take the time to read this (Part I and Part II) discussion of "the greatest story never told."

You know what I find really ironic about the post-2001 Neocon Economy? It's encouraging people to work for the government. They stand there cheering and rationalizing as one industry after another pulls up its chutes and heads to the third world.
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Since all of our "economic growth" these days is nothing more than consumer spending dumped on credit cards, the entire matchstick house depends on individuals' ability to service their debt. Losing a decent job and replacing it with a Taco Bell shift won't cut it. So where do we look for stability? Un-outsource-able jobs? Working for the government. Teachers. Cops. Professors. District attorneys. Civil servants. Face it, in another 20 years that's essentially all that will be safe from outsourcing.
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If today's "knowledge economy" superstars really think that there won't be Indian and Indonesian accountants, lawyers, IT people, etc., ready to take their jobs they're in for a charming surprise.

So thanks, Cato Institute! You've gotten your way, and now "the market" is telling us that the best (and perhaps only) bet is the government teat.


  • If people don't have jobs or money, there isn't going to be much of an economy. If a bunch of jobs are going to be sucked out of America, it just sucks money out of the economy. I don't know where businesses, or the government for that matter, think they are going to get money if nobody has jobs and aren't pumping money into the economy. This affects everyone, and people will soon realize this.

    I'm from Muncie, where all of the manufacturing jobs left and there is nothing left, kind of like Flint after GM left. And, you are right on the money, Ed. The only "good" jobs left are University jobs, police, lawyers, government workers and law related jobs. And the only other jobs left, like you said, are crappy service jobs like Taco Bell and Wal-Mart. Man, the future sure is bright!

    Once jobs leave, local economies disappear. And, I have a bad feeling things are going to get a lot worse with the oil monopoly cranking up gas prices higher and higher. If situations like Flint and Muncie happen all over America, things are going to get UGLY.

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