So this is the last time I'm going to dignify David Horowitz's existence. I promise.

You might need to watch this video. D-Ho doesn't like being filmed, so thank the miracle of hidden cameras for this masterpiece. Go ahead, take a few minutes to watch it. I'll wait.

Am I misperceiving or is he essentially a circus freak at this point? Is going to a Horowitz "lecture" driven by the same impulse that makes us click on the headlines about the girl with 8 limbs? Look at that guy. The uncoordinated lumbering back and forth, the ranting, the obsession with conspiracies against him, the talking into the ground or his chest, the complete lack of any coherent structure to his thoughts….this man belongs on a street corner behind a bus station with a colander on his head and a Bo Gritz for President sandwich board. This is starting to raise Wesley Willis-esque questions about whether it is OK to laugh at him when he is so obviously mentally ill.

This is the sad, sad downside of our collective overreaction to the right-wing industry of manufacturing insidious webs of bias and prejudice against their viewpoints. If we don't let him speak – and in fact if we don't invite him to campus so he can do so on our dime – we're silencing the right. But if conservatives want to be represented by a man who belongs in the darkened corridor of a state mental institution, picking corn out of his own shit and accusing the nurses of poisoning him, that's just fine by me. The first rule of electoral politics is that when your opponent is tying his own noose, don't interrupt.

2 thoughts on “THE ELEPHANT MAN”

  • I had the pleasure of seeing David my freshman year at IU, and his argument about college campuses being overrun by liberals (we're chock full of 'em in the B-school and Econ dept) actually rivaled David Sedaris for best comedy performance I've seen here. Add to the fact that a grand total of 300 people showed up to see Horowitz get pissy was all the evidence I needed to confirm that no one should waste a second thinking about him.

  • As a man well-versed in philosophy and rhetoric, Ed, you should probably know to avoid making absolute promises such as vows to *never* mention D-Ho again. Because what if he does something…well, look, there's a certain kind of lunatic who will go completely around the bend and do something so utterly batshit insane that you've just *gotta* pay attention. I'm thinking of Horowitz trying to pull a Guy Fawkes at the Democratic convention, or taking a sniper's rifle to the Gay Pride parade, or some such lunacy, which normally would sound completely and totally absurd, except you look back over Horowitz's track record and you have to say, "You know…"

    Just might be good to leave yourself an out, is all I'm saying.

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