I used to play a pretty entertaining game with my students – "Real News or The Onion?" As the name implies, I provide a series of real, unedited headlines and the players try to guess whether they are real (from the "Top Stories" section a major news network website, almost always CNN.
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com or or The Onion. Feel like giving it a try?

Brazilian priest carried aloft by helium balloons
Boy's nose blows up 213 balloons an hour
Toddler forced to smoke pot
Grandfathers accidentally switched at hospital.
Gator grins atop back seat of car
Martha Stewart's dog dies

Go ahead, give it a whirl (sans google cheating). The winner gets….something awesome.

9 thoughts on “REAL NEWS OR THE ONION?”

  • I think Nick's beaten me to it–I recognize the grandfathers/alligator stories, though "Toddler forced to smoke pot" could easily be the caption on one of their pictures. Still, my answer would be Nick's, which means if I'm right, he wins.

  • too slow, but those would be my two picks. the grandfathers one threw me off until i remembered that only the onion could have described it so well.

  • I would guess that they are all true, if only because you seem like the type of professor who would make all the answers in a true/false true…well, no, you seem like the kind of instructor who would hate true/false…but it shames me to admit that I know one of those isn't real…

  • I say the grandfathers story in from the Onion. I just saw a link to the balloon priest and the MSM has done the toddler pot story. The rest are plausible.

  • And the mystery is solved: they're all from CNN or Fox except for "Grandfathers accidentally switched at the hospital" which is both from the Onion AND the most plausible sounding of the bunch.

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