I'm not entirely sure what athletic purpose is served (pun intended) by having women's volleyball players compete in stripper-caliber bikinis (outdoor) or tiny spandex shorts that might as well be painted on (indoor). Of the many things I can imagine enhancing one's performance in volleyball, neither thongs nor camel toe are among them.


  • Thank you.

    Actually, compare all the women's uniforms with the men's uniforms in the same sport and you'll note a trend, dare I say, even a pattern.

    And beyond the obvious 'male gaze' and cheap ratings-getting aspects of it, studies have been done that show that performance is affected negatively by these sorts of outfits.

  • I've always, from consciousness on, wondered why women's clothes seem to put them at a disadvantage in terms of mobility, climate protection, and general practicality. It's as if women have been set up from birth not to be able to get away or protect themselves without a big, stong, appropriately clad man on her arm.

  • Heh, I just heard a bit on this on NPR this evening. They interviewed a beach volleyball player who had medaled at Athens and she said that bikinis were the uniform of choice because they were the most comfortable to play in due to the fact that they prevented "sweat and sand from collecting in uncomfortable places." Well ok then, I guess they would know better than you or I.

    I'm a pretty effing big feminist, but I have a hard time buying the sentiment being expressed here that they are obviously caving to the patriarchy. Beach volleyball may not be the most honored of sports, but these people have invested a significant part of their lives in training and probably want those medals as much as any other athlete. I can't see them jeopardizing that to look hot or for ratings or whatever it is people seem to be suggesting. Do people really think that if a one piece or a leotard or a jumper or burqua would improve their game, they wouldn't don one immediately?

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