5 thoughts on “NO, SERIOUSLY”

  • Why? Because he wants what is best for the country and refuses to stick to party lines? Not saying I agree with his vision of what's best, but I respect his maverick stance.

    Also, a politician should cater to their constituency, and GOP voters DID vote him into office. Heh.

  • While I agree that adhering blindly to the party line is not necessarily an attractive trait in a politician, there's a difference between being a maverick and being a smug douche who's been consistently proven wrong on his foreign policy issues and yet continues to flaunt them as if he'd been proven right.

  • His Napoleonic power trip over the Democratic senate majority has put him on my permanent shit list. His issue positions do not bother me beyond the fact that I often disagree with them.

    He is a petty, egotistical, condescending asshat. I can't wait until these Senate elections are over. I forsee the solid Democratic majority filming a nice good-bye message to Joe in late November. "Hey former colleague. You know that bed you made? Enjoy sleeping in it."

  • I just watched the HBO movie Recount which chronicles his ability to throw a wrench in his own election bid for VP, by waffling on the issue with overseas military ballots that weren't postmarked or signed.

    What a Schmuck!

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