I have been a little leery about voting for a 71 year-old man who has had 4 cancer surgeries for President.
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I needed something to reassure me, and I have found that something in the form of a woman who has been governor (of Alaska) for 17 months. By the traditional criteria applied to Obama (remember how he "doesn't have any experience?") Sarah Palin is, by an enormous margin, the most unqualified person to be nominated to the vice-presidency with the possible exception of Nicholas Butler and Frank Knox (that's the kind of added value you get at ginandtacos). Ferraro had more experience. Quayle had more experience. So did Sargent Shriver, Charles Curtis, Garrett Hobart, and every other half-assed choice of the last 220 years.

Shameless, shameless identity politics. McCain has met her once. I love how the right-wing blogs have exploded into a frenzy of confident reassurances that this move has now officially "locked up the Hillary vote." As openly as I question the sanity/smarts of HRC dead-enders, I sincerely doubt any of them are that stupid. Politically, McCain just chose Ralph Reed with tits. But one thing's certain – that VP debate is going to be priceless.


  • My first thought–and it hasn't changed with reflection–was "Well, that was incredibly stupid of the GOP." I mean, isn't the McCain Wins Strategy basically "Get the older, more reliable voters to get out and vote their bigotry and fear of change"? Way to alienate your largest voting bloc by dropping a skirt onto the ticket–you know those senior citizens and NASCAR dads just think the world of the feminine mind. And the notion that feminists will vote her–that the Hillarists will turn out because she's a woman–well, that's a pretty easy thing to fight, seeing as all Obama and Biden and Clinton herself have to do is point out her decisive pro-life stance and remind them that the Supreme Court is one or two retirements away from reversing Roe v. Wade (a threatening statement I always thought was an empty phrase until I read Toobin's book on the Court.) Bottom line: he might've sold this strategy if it was eight years ago and he was running with Liddy Dole. It isn't. He's not. But it *will* be fun to see how Biden deals with not wanting to appear to beat up on a girl…

  • Imagining the debate in my head, I can't picture Palin speaking like anyone other than Ralph Wiggum.
    Biden: "Blah blah blah foreign policy. Yes."
    Palin: "My kid's breath smells like hockey pucks."
    Biden: "Abortion. No abortion? Abortion."
    Palin: "I played basketball!"

    This is going to be awkward.

  • Hey. She has been governor for almost 21 whole months now of a state with more oil money than they know what to do with. That's hard work.

    Sadly, she is a reflection of too many Americans these days – hates Evolution and gays, gets knocked up by her high school boyfriend and elopes, and is armed. But, she was smart enough to get into the second best university in Idaho.

  • J. – that Roe vs Wade factoid has seriously ruined my day. thanks a lot.

    court – Palin: “My kid’s breath smells like hockey pucks.” well played.

    patti – stop it. you're scaring me.

  • The really sad thing, have you seen the Obama reaction ad? I wanted to punch whoever thought it up. IT DOESN'T EVEN MENTION HER BY NAME!! It mentions NOTHING about her qualifications (or lack thereof). It just repeats the same tired cliches: four more years, more of the same. This seems to be an unbelievably cynical move; watching Republicans sell it on tv, it's almost like they chose her JUST so they could then bring up Obama's lack of experience when critics pounce on her.

  • They had Fox News playing at the gym the other night (yah, I know, I hate it) and some dipshit talking head actually said: They have set a trap for Obama, and he's walked right in! Now when they criticize her lack of experience, it will just call attention to his own lack of experience.

    Let me get this straight. You admit that she's unqualified, and in fact was deliberately chosen BECAUSE she's unqualified in order to highlight what you perceive as your opponent's weakness. Now that's a clever move. I suppose by extension that the analogous move for Obama to have made would have been to have picked Cheney as his running mate? WTF? Is THAT really the best you can do?

    It is kind of fun to watch the wheels come off the cart over at Fox.

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