Unsubstantiated but circumstantially-damning rumor time. Being a graduate of one of those high schools where "mono" was code for "I got knocked up" I do find it extremely curious that Palin's 16 year-old daughter just happened to miss the last five months of school before Baby I'm So Pro-Life I Birthed a Tard was born. It's a time-honored tradition among the upper classes.

Ignore the photo "evidence" and pay attention to Sarah's claimed timeline: her water breaks in Dallas, she gives a speech afterward, gets on a commercial flight for 12 hours (not telling anyone she was in labor, and none of the flight crew noticed?), drove 90 minutes to the rural Alaska hospital that agreed to fake the birth certificate provided the finest medical care, and then went back to work 2 days later.

Wow. She must be SuperWoman. Twelve hours in a plane after going into labor (at age 44) seems like quite a feat. Especially without showing any signs that she was in labor! Which is unsurprising since she never showed any signs of being pregnant.

I smell the GOP's Tom Eagleton brewing…

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  • It clearly couldn't have been the daughter's child since she's a good 5 months pregnant herself.

    Scary as McCain administration sounds, I have to admit a certain morbid curiosity about what would happen if Palin somehow wound up as president.

  • NY Times confirms that she's 17, not 16, which presumably makes her somewhat less statutory. Still, out-of-wedlock knocked-up-ed-ness can't be a good thing for the meat'n'potatoes values voters. But before schadenfreude turns to anything more, bear in mind that the people who were/are going to vote for McCain are unlikely to be put off at this point by anything other than the proverbial dead woman or live boy. (And probably, the dead woman wouldn't stop them.) If Cheney's lesbian daughter didn't deter them–and it didn't–then a young woman who's getting hitched lickety-split to make the kid legitimate ain't gonna do the trick. The shuffling of babies will be blamed on a liberal media's salacious attempt to 'fix' the facts, and it'll be back to the same old, same old within a week.

  • While I too read the Kos item in question with rapt attention, I'm pretty sure this has been debunked by now. And I agree with J. Dryden that I don't think obsessing over this scandal is strategically advantageous avenue for Dems to face. There are so many valid questions regarding this woman's qualifications and political ideology, Dems have plenty of ammunition.

  • What is the decision-making process of a woman who is willing to expose her daughter to national ridicule? I'd ask the same of a father who would do the same. Yes, her daughter's abstinence-only sex ed classes failed her – that's not the issue her. Palin said she'd seek office, knowing that as a direct result, her daughter's character was going to be attacked in a nationwide media orgy. If she declined, her daughter's public humiliation could have been confined to just Alaska. What does that say of the kind of person Palin is? Worse, McCain is a veteran of campaign character-assassination, knew that Bristol was pregnant, and still ok'd having a teenager be dragged thru the mud. What kind of person allows this?

  • I refuse to buy into the "whatever happens, it is somehow bad for Obama" logic. Go for the gusto. Bang this drum for all it is worth. Sarah Palin, Alaskan Champion of Abstinence Only Education, couldn't get her daughter out of high school without getting knocked up. It can only hurt Obama inasmuch as we buy into the line of "children of candidates are off limits" which translates, in practice, to "we pull this card whenever Republicans fuck up."

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! This is going to be the best election season in recorded history! I hope the conception was immaculate!

  • Ed, the question I have is, who would you be trying to win over with the strategy of banging this drum for all it is worth? Do you think that this news will sow doubts among evangelicals about Palin's parenting skills? Or would it be appealing to moderates, by emphasizing Palin's hypocrisy on the abstinence issue? I have serious doubts that this scandal will hurt Palin's standing among the religious base; to the contrary, it will probably boost her image. Mistakes happened, but the girl is keeping the baby, getting married, and starting a new life. That is how it will be interpreted. Listen, I'm perfectly willing to play the mudslinging game if it serves a purpose, I'm just not sure that Dems can really exploit this.

  • I was rather cheered earlier today to see CNN starting to pick up on Palin's abuse of power in the matter of trying to get her brother-in-law fired. I think that, along with gems like Palin's lies about opposing the bridge to nowhere (she was quite vocally for it in 2006), would be a much more productive line of attack than pointing out that on a personal level the Palin family is apparently auditioning for Jerry Springer.

  • ed, while i too am sick and tired of hand-wringing dems holding back while mudslinging republicans win election after election, brandon's right. who is obama gonna win over with this?

    maybe (and this is pretty cynical, i know) mcain & co. are just looking to control the campaign.

    – we all know that the god-squad will mobilise if obama can be seen to have so much as a pro-choice kinda look on his face, let alone mentioning it.
    – smarter people than i have pointed out that Palin may only be there in the hope that Biden fucks up & 'attacks' a woman.
    – the rightwingers of blogodale, USA have already started on the "politicizing a private family matter" angle.

    i wanna see blood too, but please (PLEASE) use your 6"4 academic brain to tell me what is to be gained.

  • In regards to possible gains made with the conservative base I have seen a few reactions among right wing moms with this sentiment.

    "Hmm…her young unmarried daughter is pregnant, she must not have been doing as much as she should have as a mother, while we totally empathize with her situation and don't look down on her, maybe she needs to stay home for awhile and take care of her children, since that is really where she belongs."

    I guess we could hope rampant sexism among the right happens to work in our favor.

  • Will: I think that curiosity (which I hold a little bit of too) would wither within the first week of her as president.

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