(Update: I feared the worst and the worst did not come. While Hero is not in great shape, rats are troopers and the veterinarian believes that she will recover. Huzzah.)

One of my rats, Hero, had a stroke. Pending the opinion of a veterinarian, I fear the worst. I'm surprising myself with how badly I feel and how attached I have become.

At the same time, the experience has made it obvious that I am a very lucky person. I'm nearly 30 and never had to experience death. Seriously. No one I had or have an emotional bond with has died. My grandmother (the sole grandparent I knew) died when I was in high school but, frankly, I don't remember her doing to much other than being cranky and yelling so I don't think it hit me overly hard. A friend of mine from high school football died in a car accident, and that was sad. But overall, I've never had to experience the kind of deep, personal loss that so many people feel.

A pet is different than a person, obviously, but a rat made me realize how thankful I am for the good health and company of everyone I love, two- or four-legged.

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  • I think about this all the time… You've got a couple years on me, but I always think, I've been lucky enough to make it this far and not have anyone I've been close to die on me. I have a set of dead grandparents, but the fact that they lived on a different continent sort of stunted our relationship. Really, the only other people that I have died that I've known are my 2nd grade girl school troop leader and a few very extended family members. It makes me kind of scared to not know what it's going to feel like if and when I do lose someone I care about.

  • Update your commentariat, please, Ed! Many of my online friends read this as well. Hero is living up to her name and we and the vote hope that she recover to have a good quality of life once again.

  • I'm glad that Hero is going to pull through. A couple of my college roommates had rats and I found them to be completely charming, intelligent and sweet. I would never say this to my family, but I think I mourned the loss of the dog I had for my teenage years more than I mourned some of my grandparents.

  • Sorry to hear about that. I've too have been fortunate in that I've been spared the experience of losing a close friend or relative. But I know losing pets can be an ordeal.

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