Anyone who participates in the "(insert name here) wore an earpiece at the debate!" theorizing is disregarding a number of very basic laws about how the human brain works. Since there were no gaps in Palin's speech – it flowed without breaks from one (talking point) to the next – she would have to be paying attention to someone speaking to her while simultaneously saying something entirely different.
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Unless Sarah Palin is some sort of polymath with advanced neuro-psychological abilities to allow each brain hemisphere to operate autonomously, there would be absolutely no good reason to wire her. Do you think Sarah Palin is some sort of polymath?

Yes, handlers could speak to her while Biden was responding, but why? There are no limits to the amount of written materials they are allowed to use, hence the pages and pages of scripts that Palin read from during the debate. If she actually needed a handler over an earpiece to tell her which script to read from….well, christ, even I don't buy her being that dumb. Especially since none of the scripts had anything to do with the questions anyway. The risk of getting caught using an earpiece to say "Sarah! Say 'maverick' again!" does not seem worth it when she could simply walk on stage with notecards reading "Sarah! Say 'maverick' again!"

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  • THANK you… I get so irritated with people sometimes when they start crying foul… especially when something that they've been trying to convince people of (like that Palin is too dumb or inexperienced to be in office) falls flat and they are proved wrong. What they really mean is that she doesn't align herself with their ideology and won't cater to their every whim…

    She may not have actually "beaten" Biden (but that's still a pretty subjective opinion), but she sure gave that veteran Senator a run for his money for someone who's only been actively involved in politics for a relatively short time – compared to a senator who's been in office for 35 years! Can you imagine her when she actually does have the familiarity with Washington and is acquainted with their tricks of the trade under her belt… I just hope she can reform the government like it needs to be reformed. And it sure needs it – badly. We're all disgusted with government right now, both parties included.

  • Well, Mrs. P wins the all-time award for commenter most likely to be furious when she finds out what this blog is actually about.

    But welcome!

  • Mrs. P should go in the greatest hits collections of commentary to this blog's posts.

    Come to think of it there should be a "greatest commentary" collection for this blog…

  • Mrs. P –

    There is nothing subjective about the fact that Biden won the debate. She did not, in any way, shape or form, give Sen. Biden a run for his money.

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