6 thoughts on “MIND: BOGGLED”

  • Maybe good ol' Saxby is getting his comeuppance for the absolutely vile campaign he ran against Max Cleland.

  • And did you see the recent Nation article on the world coming to an end? Christophers Buckley and Hitchens are both supporting Obama, and their reasons for abandoning McCain are, uh, what YOU said.

    A good point was made about finding suspect those Repubs who endorse anything Palin related. Phyllis Schlafly is vile, but I always considered her to be the brainy kind of vile. Her Palin support is baffling. What Republicans are still gung-ho for McCain, despite all evidence?

  • Palin is seen as unqualified to be President among blue-collar white women 48-43 according to the latest WSJ poll. Think about that. Blue-collar. white. women. think of Palin as an liability. So much for that gamble.

  • Well, Jim Martin wasn't exactly unknown here in Georgia, but going into the primaries he wasn't seen as being as the front runner. It took a run-off for him to cinch the nomination.

    It does help that Shameless is running a remarkably inept campaign — started off running ads that basically consisted of his mother and his wife saying "vote for Saxby; he's a nice man;" then had ads up where he promised to do something about the gas shortage right as the shortage ended naturally and prices plummeted; and currently has an ad running emphasizing his years of experience in the U.S. Senate (one term) and multiple terms in the Georgia legislature. The last ad seems like a particularly dumb move in a year when there's even more than the usual amount of anger at incumbents.

  • Chambliss is an idiot. I needed no proof of this. He swept into Congress on a wave of pro-GOP sentiment that required him to do nothing but breathe in order to win in 2002. I'm surprised that he is vulnerable, but I shouldn't be. I've taken craps smarter than him.

    I agree with Scott. There can never be enough poetic justice/payback for the ads he ran against Cleland. I don't hope Chambliss loses – I hope he loses and gets pancreatic cancer.

  • Shameless has gone negative with his ads. He has one running now that says Martin was fired from a government job and therefore can't be trusted. Looks like Shameless has a history of trashing vets. Martin was a Lt. in 'Nam, but Shameless problably can't find anything to hit him with on that score so is trying another attack.

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