This is the McCain campaign in a nutshell: his "Joe the Plumber" prop from last evening's debate is related to a man who married into the Keating family. Not exactly a close relation, but why in the name of god would McCain use an example – an example he KNOWS we are going to dash off and research – that will lead back to, and hence remind everyone of, his Keating Five connections?

The only good answer? Because he is retarded.


  • For those keeping score at home, it now appears that Joe The Plumber :

    # By his own admission, has neither the financial wherewithal, nor the requisite know-how to buy the business

    # owes $1200 in back taxes

    # along with his boss, lacks the license required to work as a plumber in the county where he now resides

    # is distantly related to Charles Keating

    In a season full of stupid maneuvers by the McCain campaign, planting this oaf at an Obama event, in order to manufacture a talking point, might be the stupidest. Even if he wasn't a plant, using his ill-informed, inept "confrontation" as a debate stump was an incredible miscalculation.

  • I may have to go with beau on this one. The longer this campaign drags on the more I am reminded of your early summer post of the letter from John McCain to the American people, except I don't think the RNC let McCain in on the joke. I am seriously starting to wonder if 2 years ago Bush didn't take a few key Republican leaders aside and say "okay, between you an me, we are on a plane with one wing and a blazing engine and during the next administration we are going down in a giant ball of fire, I have left his place so f*ed up, you guys may want to sit this next one out." So rather than being blamed with the cause and the fall out, they pick someone they think has no chance of winning, but someone that still wants it really bad and will put up a good show, maybe someone old who has always dreamed of being president, and someone they don't like very much…McCain…perfect. The only problem was in July they realized he might actually be able to pull it out of his ass and started to panic, so someone suggests Palin as a great VP candidate, plants a few other huge embarrassments, convinces the oil companies to drop gas by over a dollar a gallon, and they decide to go ahead and let the financial crisis genie out of the bottle a few months early, ensuring that some Democrat will be blamed for disaster of the next administration.
    I am not the only one to share this concern either. Of a poll of african american voters who are not supporting Obama one of the main reasons was they felt the next administration was going to witness one of the worst periods of American history and they didn't want a black guy to be in the pilot's seat when it did.
    But perhaps I am giving the Republicans a bit too much credit.

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