I was wrong about waiting two weeks out of politeness; Team McCain's kneecapping of Sarah Palin begins immediately. Catch this video of Carl Cameron on O'Reilly talking about how, during debate prep, Palin didn't know that Africa was a continent as opposed to a country and couldn't name the nations in NAFTA.

I'd suspect this of being well-poisoning disinformation if it wasn't so goddamn plausible.


  • I thought Africa was a song by the band Toto.

    I love O'Reilly's responses: "Oh you can tutor someone on the government and the world map." Nice!

  • I have a hard time believing this though. It sounds like someone is sour grapes and is making stuff up to sound plausible based on stereotypes of Palin. I mean maybe. It just sounds too good to be true…

  • Could it be well-poisoning if the reporters were told to keep it off the record until after the election? (And does this mean they would not have told us if McCain had won?) Doesn't matter, really. Did you see Carl's report to the other Fox anchor? The one who was deeply appalled? Guess who'll never go far with Fox!

    Bill O'Reilly is a shameless twat for bulling through the report, as if ANY candidate for VP might not know that South Africa is an independent nation, or might need to be brought up to speed on the countries in NAFTA. (Hint: the first two letters of the acronym give it away. Does someone want to fill her in on that?)

    Imagine him cutting a Democrat the same slack. Or a man!

    She can quote from the Book of Revelations, but she doesn't know what NAFTA stands for — a true neo-conservative pin-up girl.

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