Joe Biden will be replaced by his longtime Chief-of-Staff Ted Kaufman. Net effect: absolutely none. Kaufman curiously noted that he's "OK with retiring in two years" which will do little to calm talk of Biden's Iraq veteran son replacing him in 2010.

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Obama's replacement will come down to Jan Schakowsky, Luis Gutierrez, or Danny Davis, three House veterans who will blow away whatever dipshit the GOP finds to oppose them. Insert your own "a Jew, a Latino, and a black guy walk into the governor's office" joke here.
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Coleman-Franken drags on and will drag itself right into court sooner or later. Bank on it.

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  • I understand there is a historic election, unsettled Senate races, a broken Republican party and a possible new Great Depression on our hands to hash out.

    However if I only got my news from this webpage, I would not be under the impression that a new Guns and Roses album was just released. Sayin.

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  • I would be very surprised if Schakowsky isn't the pick. With Cullerton being elected Illinois senate president, replacing Emil Jones, it looks as if stupid fucking Blago is looking to get his people into significant positions. Gutierrez may find himself in some legal trouble soon, and Davis would be a really out of the box choice for Blago.

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