The CotY series took a lot out of me so you don't get much of a post today. My sole relevant comment about the impending holiday is that I have never been a huge fan of New Year's Eve. It is Amateur Night, the one night per year on which people who never go out and can't hold their liquor decide to go out and attempt to hold a lot of liquor. It has never been my dream to be killed in an auto accident by some 43 year old from the suburbs who got shitcanned on three Appletini's at TGI Friday's and decided to drive the minivan home. Plus, the added social pressure of doing something really super fun on this evening only lessens the chances of super fun actually being had.

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2 Responses to “AMATEUR NIGHT”

  1. Nate Says:

    I'll drink to that. :)

  2. kulkuri Says:

    We gave up on going out and watching people puking into party hats a long time ago.