2 thoughts on “KRISTOL: FIRED”

  • I'm sure he'll do us all proud by explaining his sacking as a part of the liberal/socialist agenda to keep right-wing "journalists" out of the media.

    I particularly like the part of his opinion piece about how the conservative policies of the "Reagan-Bush-Gingrich-Bush" years have worked so well…. It must be nice to be able to make a living out of writing without ever having to cite sources or facts to support your views.

  • Kristol is beyond a pathological liar, he's a purposeful liar, a Goebbels of the 2000's. I don't read the Times, purposely because it's such a propaganda tool. I was tempted to read Kristol on occasion to see how low the Times would go to maintain it's heap of propaganda.

    Good Riddance! I'm sure glad I'll never be tempted to read the Times again, and I won't see Kristol's absurdities popping up as headlines on TruthDig or RawStory ever again.

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