Several commenters on this site and thousands of people in the blogosphere have noted the serious threat that Bobby Jindal could pose as a Republican challenger in the near future. After seeing his high school Debate Team performance last night, his Sistene Chapel of over-acting and schmaltz, I have to ask: are you kidding? Seriously, this is the new Savior? Even David f'n Brooks called it "a disaster for the Republican Party."

His delivery was the perfect hybrid of Infomercial Host and "hostage reading speech into camcorder at gunpoint." I couldn't tell if he was getting ready to rebut the President or sell me a ShamWow.

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5 thoughts on “99-CENT BIN SAVIORS”

  • I was floored with how poor Jindal's speech was. I wasn't expecting the world – nobody wants to follow up an Obama speech, and a response is always difficult – but this was like putting Tay Zonday on after Bruce Springsteen. The "Jindal 2012" crowd just got a lot smaller. Maybe by 2032 people will have forgotten his Kenneth the Page like qualities.

  • That Brooks clip is amazing – look at how confused and KAPOWed Brooks' face looks when trying to process what he just saw. He called it Nihilism!

    You know the GOP is in trouble when David Brooks is taking the Ginandtacos Position – an insane fixation on things that may have been effective in 1982 – on what is ailing the GOP.

  • Re-watching it, Brooks basically outlines what you did in "Bad Bets" below. An enterprise is in trouble when even the cheerleaders on the payroll are calling BS.

    I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this – but I had heard a lot, and been worried about, the extremely awesomez potential of Jindal, but just realized I had never heard him talk. Does he always sound like that?

  • I do not think there is anything to be ashamed of. It is not hard to make Jindal sound like an intimidating candidate. The reality fails to measure up to the sum of the parts on his resume, though.

    The consensus among Republicans I like is that this was an atypically poor performance for Jindal. He is usually Much Better than this, I am told. I have never been impressed with him and while the stilted and over-coached nature of his speech may be atypical, substance-wise this is about all you will get from him.

  • I have a cousin in Louisiana. When I asked her how Jindal got elected Governor, she said he was the best of a bad bunch. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

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