The webmaster of, who frequents the comments here as Evan, received the following solicitation via email:

Dear Mr. Kristol,

We are pleased to attach herewith a report on our innovative technology “generation of Hydrogen-fuel by catalytic splitting of water,” for your information, kind consideration and perusal. All we need at this time is a few thousand dollars for the next phase, which Is optimization of the process for both as a proof of the concept and to collect data for scale-up purpose.

If you are interested in financing this phase of the project, either from your foundation or from your own private sources, please let us know. We will be pleased to submit a Test Plan along with a budget estimate for your review and approval, ASAP. Attached herewith are my RESUME and a summary of my EXPERIENCE for your information ONLY. For more information about Overseas Consultants, please visit our World Wide Web Site at :

If you have any question(s) or need more information, please do not hesitate to call us at 814-262-7489 (Office) or at 814-2701422 (Mobile). Thanking you in anticipation and hoping to hear from you soon.

M.A. Qazi.

NOTE: You could loan us a small amount of money, few thousand dollars, that you can afford, on an interest FREE basis, or as an investment in our company based on mutual trust. We will acknowledge receipt of the same. If our technology takes off, we promise to pay back ten (10) times that amount of money to your good self for your favorite charity, God willing.

Being a man who recognizes both cutting edge technologies and good investment opportunities when he sees them, Evan responded thusly:

Dear Dr. Qazi,

Our webmaster, Mr. Brin, was kind enough to forward me your E-mail. Having read your report, we at are very excited for the new technological breakthroughs. Given that your original message was addressed to Mr. Kristol himself—and given the sensitive nature of this matter—we suggest that you contact him directly. He can be E-mailed through the following web page:

Very truly yours,
H. Yalincak
Head of Accounting

I mean, really…what else does Bill Kristol have to do these days? Maybe this will pan out for him.