Imagine a Teabagging rally, only scarier and more heavily armed. You might have something like the "Million Militiaman March." You'd also have the worst idea since Lincoln decided he wanted to see Our American Cousin. On a scale of one to ten, this is going to go reeeeeeeeeally well.

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11 thoughts on “WHAT COULD GO WRONG?”

  • This deserves a poll:

    What is the most likely response from the Ohio militiamen to a call for a million armed democrats to march on Washington?

  • "At least one million. Hey, if we can get ten million, even better!"

    Prediction: three guys show up with rifles and are promptly arrested. After establishing that they're not felons, just morons, the police return their firearms on the condition that they leave the city and return home immediately. They then use this harrowing tale for years to come as an example of government oppression.

    I'm all about guns, but taking the advice of some guy on YouTube to walk around DC with a gun is probably not the most effective measure.

  • Honestly? I almost welcome this sort of thing, so that when all these armchair warriors head up to DC and think they're hot stuff, the gas grenades wake them up real quick. So many of these wingnuts romanticize the idea of an armed militia overthrowing the "corrupt and oppresive" (read: anything other than highly conservatice) government.

    They just don't seem to understand that the US military they're so proud of would be called back home in a heartbeat to put them down with all that ridiculously advanced hardware they masturbate over. Perhaps they should get a wakeup call.

  • OliverWendelHolmslice says:

    I get the feeling that this is a big setup for their martyr masturbation fantasies.

    1) They show up with guns
    2) Some yahoo points one at a cop or gets drunk and shoots a round off
    3) Cops fire tear gas and/or live rounds in self defense and some protestors get injured or killed
    4) Conservative media covers the incident like it's the second comming of the Boston Masacre and creates a new rally point for right wing extreemism

  • Yeah, let 'em march and expose their ludicrousness. If they cause trouble and get their asses kicked, even better.

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