Ever notice how all of the complete bullshit the Bush administration pushed about Iraq – they were a tremendous threat to world peace, they ignored agreements and UN resolutions, they were clandestinely developing a nuclear program, they brutally enslaved their own people – are actually true about North Korea?

Good thing they ignored that situation while pissing away our military resources in Iraq.
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Didn't someone say "Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time"? Nah.

3 thoughts on “FUNNY, THAT”

  • Right on, brother. North Korea has no oil. Bush, et. al. were absolutely going to raid Iraq from the first day they took office. There was no way it was not going to happen. 9/11 gave them an excuse. If not that, they would have made up something else.

    Rotten bastards.

  • Actually, I think they were afraid that North Korea actually DID have nukes and were pretty sure they'd use them. They knew Iraq was a safer country to invade.

  • Aslan Maskhadov says:

    So in other words- militarism and imperialism aren't the problem, incompetent militarism and imperialism are. Nuclear program or no, it's still advocating an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation.

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