If the legislators firmly attached to the NRA's wang believe so strongly that people should be allowed to carry guns into my classroom, why are there metal detectors in the Capitol? Why not inspire the world by standing behind their beliefs and allowing people to be armed in their place of business? EJ Dionne wants to know. So do I.

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  • One assumes Vitter keeps his weapon tucked safely in his diaper.

    I'd like to see those flaming hypocrites also start taking piss tests for drugs as part of being able to hold on to their jobs. They want the rest of us to do it just to hold down a minimum wage job at Walmart, but won't pee in a cup themselves.

  • Really? Is this even a question? We all KNOW that Congress is a "do as I say, not as I do" institution. They're all for term limits and salary caps and universal health care (and, as you point out, a completely irrational reading of the Second Amendment), as long as those things don't apply to them (well, except for the gold-standard health care thing…)

    Flaming hypocrites, indeed.

  • Missing the point a bit, isn't it? The whole reason pro-gun people want to be allowed to carry on campus is because campuses are NOT secured facilities.

    If it were feasible (or desirable) to put metal detectors and armed guards at the entrance to a college campus, then I'd be just fine with restrictions on concealed carry. Until then, however, I see no reason why someone who has passed a background check and concealed carry class, and is legally allowed to carry a firearm across the street from a college campus, should be a criminal if he/she carries one onto campus.

  • oldfatherwilliam says:

    Nick misses the point. Campuses are not the issue. Buildings and classrooms are the issue. That's certainly feasible, and it can be imagined that discard and retrieve rooms could be placed at every entrance so that paranoics could scurry between them fully armed.

  • I love the concept in abstract, but I'm a DC resident and frankly, the idea of Michele Batshit Bachmann with a gun fills me with horror. There are bats in her belfry, bats with rabies and plague.

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